Guangzhou: A bridge for Africa-China relations?

-Sihle Nontshokweni 

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In a research report  titled Guangzhou: An Emerging Bridge for AfricaChina Relations Adams Bodomo (2010) argues that migrant communities such as Africans in Guangzhou act as a bridge; a linguistic, cultural and economic bridge between their source communities and their host communities.

In this article I implore that beyond being a bridge, migrant communities such as Guangzhou are an opportunity for the Chinese government to ground the Africa-China relationship, in reality, demonstrating a genuine interest in Africa through a focus on the way Africans are treated in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou should be central to China’s Africa strategy. It ought to be a space that reflects the broader “win-win relationship, brotherhood and/or friendship” China envisages for Sino-Africa relations. This space should be a ground for the international community to witness enriching Sino-Africa cultural exchanges where security for Africans is provided by China. Unfortunately, this is not the current reality for Africans in Guangzhou. To offer insight into the frustrations experienced by Africans in Guangzhou, this article will  extensively discuss the 2012 Entry-Exit Visa which was enacted with the aim of combating unauthorised migrants. It will also make reference to interview statements from field research conducted in June 2016. 

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Perspective and insight into the realities of the African Experience in the East

A conversation with Nicole Bonnah: Wadeisor Rukato  & Sihle Nontshokweni sat for an interview with Nicole Bonnah, sharing their perspectives on being an African in China. This interview first appeared on, written by Nicole Bonnag and was later published … Continue reading Perspective and insight into the realities of the African Experience in the East

African Excellence Series: YGS

– Wadeisor Rukato

A Conversation with Sharon Tshipa.

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Suppressing a giggle, Sharon begins her self-introduction; “I always laugh when I’m interviewed! This is actually awkward, because when you are behind the scenes all the time, every time you are asked to be the subject it’s like…” at this point Sharon stops speaking and continues to laugh lightly. Her energy is bright and natural.  She mentions that she is often ‘accused’ of being a laugher, something that is more than clear as we prepare to begin our conversation. Continue reading “African Excellence Series: YGS”

African Excellence Series: YGS

-Nothando Khumalo 

-A conversation with prospective UN Secretary General: SIMBARASHE MOYO-

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On the final day of the Yenching Global Symposium (YGS) I had the pleasure of interviewing Simbarashe Moyo. The ever vibrant Simbarashe hails from Zimbabwe. He is currently a Teaching Assistant at the University of Zimbabwe where he also holds the role of Vice Chancellor’s Ambassador. His main professional goal is to become the United Nations Secretary General.  Simba co-founded  AGRINEXUS, a social enterprise that is aimed at promoting food security in Zimbabwe. Inspired by the “clean state of Beijing” on his first visit to China in 2014, Simba founded the ‘Let’s Green the Future’ (LGF) project which seeks to achieve environmental sustainability through empowering children to become environmentally responsible.

Simba is one of five African YGS delegates that were selected from a pool of 1800 applicants from across the world. This is the first of a five-part interview series that will capture the perspectives and insights of the five African YGS delegates. Continue reading “African Excellence Series: YGS”

African Excellence Series: Abba scoops $10,000

-Sihle Isipho Nontshokweni 

This post will be the first in a series dedicated to recognizing young, talented Africans living in China. We aim to celebrate the triumphs of these individuals who are actively contributing to the promotion and strengthening of socio-cultural links between Africa and China.

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Recently I sat down for an interview on the grounds of Peking University, Beijing with Abba Garba, a fellow African student at the University reading towards his PhD in Computer Software and Theory. The ever humble Abba hails from Gumel in Jigawa State, Nigeria, where he grew up in a large family with many siblings who served as great role models to him. More recently, Abba held the flag of his university, his country and continent high as he emerged as one of the winners of the Shanghai Hackathon 2016 where he bagged a neat $10,000!

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