From Africa to Japan (Part IV – Photos)

All Photos are courtesy of  Kevil Tran and Ani Grigoryan. Tokyo My Love!   Serene Karuizawa! what is your dream?….. Sports day(s), Barbercue, Cycling and Shopping in Karuizawa…. Hiroshima….never forget! Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum….A history lesson….   Let’s Talk!….Scholars reflecting on the visit … Continue reading From Africa to Japan (Part IV – Photos)

From Ghana to Japan (Part III – Salman Mohammed)

-Salman Mohammed* At first I could not decipher the deepness in the following words, “Unless you transform the lives of ordinary people, you cannot hope to transform Africa” H.E. John Agyekum Kufuor, former President of Ghana. However, my brief experience in Asia revealed to me that such opulent words must have come from a sage. The Bai Xian Asia Institute and the John Agyekum Kufuor Foundation are path-breakers of the 21st century selling out the same idea of Leadership, Governance and Development. After a 19-hour flight to Japan, I could not but further affirm to the role leadership plays in … Continue reading From Ghana to Japan (Part III – Salman Mohammed)

Guangzhou: A bridge for Africa-China relations?

-Sihle Nontshokweni 

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In a research report  titled Guangzhou: An Emerging Bridge for AfricaChina Relations Adams Bodomo (2010) argues that migrant communities such as Africans in Guangzhou act as a bridge; a linguistic, cultural and economic bridge between their source communities and their host communities.

In this article I implore that beyond being a bridge, migrant communities such as Guangzhou are an opportunity for the Chinese government to ground the Africa-China relationship, in reality, demonstrating a genuine interest in Africa through a focus on the way Africans are treated in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou should be central to China’s Africa strategy. It ought to be a space that reflects the broader “win-win relationship, brotherhood and/or friendship” China envisages for Sino-Africa relations. This space should be a ground for the international community to witness enriching Sino-Africa cultural exchanges where security for Africans is provided by China. Unfortunately, this is not the current reality for Africans in Guangzhou. To offer insight into the frustrations experienced by Africans in Guangzhou, this article will  extensively discuss the 2012 Entry-Exit Visa which was enacted with the aim of combating unauthorised migrants. It will also make reference to interview statements from field research conducted in June 2016. 

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Doing Business in China with the Chinese: Opportunities & Challenges

– Thuthukile Mbanjwa China’s speedy advancement over the past 50 years will never stop being impressive. When discussing rapid development, it is very difficult for one’s mind to not be drawn in by China’s fascinating industrialization. The Chinese government has … Continue reading Doing Business in China with the Chinese: Opportunities & Challenges