Our Mission

We are four ladies currently pursuing Master of Art degrees in China Studies, specializing in disciplines that vary from Economics and Management to Public Policy and International Relations, with the Yenching Academy of Peking university.

We are on a quest to revamp the landscape of Africa by dissolving existing stereotypes and using our knowledge and experiences to add value and contribute to the bigger strategic thinking plan for the growth of Africa.

fromAfricatoChina  is a platform for us to engage and share our thoughts and experiences both in and outside of the classroom. It is a space to document our adventures; favourites and not so favourites , our “ah-ha” and “uh-uh” moments and all that will individually and collectively define our year in China.

We invite you to journey alongside us, we look forward to your critical insights and commentary.

What to Expect

Explore: Explore Beijing and the greater parts of China with us through our day-to-day living and planned adventures.

Evoke: Join us in probing and examining various facets of our experiences in China through reflections, analyses and critiques.

Engage: Read up on  the useful tips we have to offer as we continue to discover Beijing. Join us as we connect and engage with other Africans and like-minded individuals.

Against the backdrop of broad and bustling Beijing we will draw you into our experiences with each post shared!

More About Us…

Wadeisor Rukato is a Zimbabwean who has lived in South Africa for the past 19 years. She graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in International Relations and wrote her Honour’s thesis on the effects of migration on development in Zimbabwe. Wadeisor aspires to work at the intersection of consulting and journalism on Africa in the future.

Thuthukile Mbanjwa  is a South African from Kwa-Zulu Natal. She holds both a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Cape Town. Her focus area is civil infrastructure. She intends to use her knowledge in infrastructure economics to contribute to growing South Africa’s economy and greening Africa’s construction industry.

Nothando Khumalo is a Swazi from Manzini. She graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor and a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering. She specialized in transportation and plans to go back to Aurecon when she completes her studies. She wishes to work in an environment, or on projects that combine civil engineering with economic development, policy planning and sustainable development.

Sihle Isipho Nontshokweni is a South African from the Eastern Cape. She is completing her Masters in Political Science at the University of Cape Town. A unifying theme in her research has been the motivations for and barriers to Youth Development. Sihle aspires to play an integral role in the formulation of entrepreneurial education, building curricula that can equip the youth with entrepreneurial skills to develop their communities.