China’s growing interests in Africa; A challenge to ‘non-interference’?

– Wadeisor Rukato Since the establishment of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in 2000, Chinese investment in African countries has rapidly accelerated. China’s growing interest in the region has been accompanied by an increasing need for it to protect … Continue reading China’s growing interests in Africa; A challenge to ‘non-interference’?

Guangzhou: A bridge for Africa-China relations?

-Sihle Nontshokweni 

In a research report titled Guangzhou: An Emerging Bridge for AfricaChina Relations Adams Bodomo (2010) argues that migrant communities such as Africans in Guangzhou act as a bridge; a linguistic, cultural and economic bridge between their source communities and their host communities. Continue reading “Guangzhou: A bridge for Africa-China relations?”

Doing Business in China with the Chinese: Opportunities & Challenges

– Thuthukile Mbanjwa China’s speedy advancement over the past 50 years will never stop being impressive. When discussing rapid development, it is very difficult for one’s mind to not be drawn in by China’s fascinating industrialization. The Chinese government has been known to repeatedly play the “hero” to Chinese companies. Thus, many Chinese corporations have well-established government alignments that have ensured that they stay afloat amidst unforeseen economic turbulence. As a result, doing business in China with the Chinese has generally been the best and safest way to cut on expenditure while maximising profits. This article looks at the opportunities … Continue reading Doing Business in China with the Chinese: Opportunities & Challenges

What S.A’s youth wants from S.A-China relations

-Sihle Isipho Nontshokweni  Inaugural China Young Leaders Program  From the 11th-18th of October 2015, 52 South African youth via the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO)  visited China to participate in the inaugural China Young Leaders Program. The Program’s mission is … Continue reading What S.A’s youth wants from S.A-China relations

Observations on China in Africa: A Three Part Series.

– Wadeisor Rukato

Part 3: A typology of Chinese migrants to Africa.

The previous post in this series presented a brief history of Chinese migration to African countries. Reactions to part two of the series reflect how the discourse on Chinese migration to Africa has tended to focus on recent migration from China to Africa that is fueled by Sino-African economic relations. This has been to the neglect of the complex pre-twentieth century history of Chinese migration to Africa. A reader affirmed this point by remarking that he had “no idea how complex the migratory history between  China and Africa actually was”. Most people don’t.

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The China-Africa Guanxi

– Thuthukile Mbanjwa

The Chinese involvement on the African continent has become a topic of discussion around the globe. China has become Africa’s number one trading partner with trade volume between them increasing exponentially over the past few years, from about US$10 billion in 2000 to more US$220 billion in 2015 (Sikuka, 2015). In light of this, the Chinese government is determined to expand its investment portfolio across Africa.images (1)

… the relationship between China and Africa is certainly not a new phenomenon…

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