Guangzhou: A bridge for Africa-China relations?

-Sihle Nontshokweni 

In a research report titled Guangzhou: An Emerging Bridge for AfricaChina Relations Adams Bodomo (2010) argues that migrant communities such as Africans in Guangzhou act as a bridge; a linguistic, cultural and economic bridge between their source communities and their host communities. Continue reading “Guangzhou: A bridge for Africa-China relations?”


Response to “Ignorance of race not equivalent to racism” by Li Anshan

–  Gregory Scott and Luyolo Sijake After reading Professor Li’s piece “Ignorance of race not equivalent to racism”, we, as people of African descent from highly racialized societies currently living in China, felt it necessary to address and respond to … Continue reading Response to “Ignorance of race not equivalent to racism” by Li Anshan

But why move to China?

– Sihle Isipho Nontshokweni © A couple of weeks before I moved to China, I bumped into my old boss on my way back from work. He displayed great pride at the thought of my prompt ‘career’ growth. His pride filled face beamed as he mused over the potential climb that I could make up this career ladder. Without much hesitance, I excitedly told him the good new; “I’m moving to China soon,” I said. He couldn’t hide his disappointment. He looked at me as a parent would when their child makes a key decision, thoughtlessly. With question. He then … Continue reading But why move to China?