-Thuthukile Mbanjwa

When we started this blog we didn’t quiet know the look we were going for, the conversations we would share or who would be listening…

What we did know is that we wanted it to be bright; therefore  we needed colour, lots and lots of colour 🙂. If there was one thing we wanted the world to know, it was that Africa, in its entirety, is a beautiful canvas.

Because, Africa is rich in culture, knowledge and talent.

A   H U G E   thank you (coated in all sorts of yummy sweet deliciousness) to Joseph Patrick aka Joe, our personal photographer/ director/ classmate and friend!

“it’s true, there are infinitely many  bicycles in Beijing”


“My name is Wadeisor, I will help change the landscape of Zimbabwe.”

“my profession does not define me. I am constantly re-inventing myself.”

I am African, I am here, I am able but most of all I am capable!



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