Doing Business in China with the Chinese: Opportunities & Challenges

– Thuthukile Mbanjwa China’s speedy advancement over the past 50 years will never stop being impressive. When discussing rapid development, it is very difficult for one’s mind to not be drawn in by China’s fascinating industrialization. The Chinese government has been known to repeatedly play the “hero” to Chinese companies. Thus, many Chinese corporations have well-established government alignments that have ensured that they stay afloat amidst unforeseen economic turbulence. As a result, doing business in China with the Chinese has generally been the best and safest way to cut on expenditure while maximising profits. This article looks at the opportunities … Continue reading Doing Business in China with the Chinese: Opportunities & Challenges

What Huawei Has Done Right in Africa

-Wadeisor Rukato In April 2016, I bore witness to Huawei’s strategy for Africa in action. The invitation for a recruitment event that would be held in a hotel in Central Beijing made its way into the “South African Students in China” and “Africans in Beijing” Wechat groups that I am a member of. The invitation encouraged individuals to send their CV to an HR manager at Huawei, and to indicate what operational area they felt best suited for; “IT engineer, Site design Engineer, Project Manager”. The vibrant, colourful, music playing invitation was impressive; Huawei was actively searching for top African … Continue reading What Huawei Has Done Right in Africa

“Where Are You From?”

-Hannah Getachew “Where are you from?” For as long as I can remember, that innocent question has been a dreaded one. It conjures up too many complicated issues surrounding belonging, personal history and cultural identity. As a result, my answer fluctuated daily, sometimes even hourly. Inevitably my response depended on the context: who was asking, which city we were in and how much information I cared to divulge. In the UK, I skip past the fact that I was born in London and say that I am Ethiopian. To which I receive a puzzled look, not because they’re trying to … Continue reading “Where Are You From?”

Response to “Ignorance of race not equivalent to racism” by Li Anshan

–  Gregory Scott and Luyolo Sijake After reading Professor Li’s piece “Ignorance of race not equivalent to racism”, we, as people of African descent from highly racialized societies currently living in China, felt it necessary to address and respond to … Continue reading Response to “Ignorance of race not equivalent to racism” by Li Anshan

[Opinion] 李安山:Ignorance of race not equivalent to racism

– Li Anshan This Article was shared from Wechat and is available here. Recently, a detergent ad appeared on Chinese TV that depicts a Chinese woman placing a black man in a washing machine, and when she opens the lid, she finds that his color has been “washed away,” revealing he’s actually a Chinese man underneath. The ad has been denounced as racist in China and abroad, and there has been heated debate online among members of the google-email group named “chinese-in-africaafaricans-in-china.” As a Chinese scholar, I would like to share my thoughts with colleagues. After more than 30 years … Continue reading [Opinion] 李安山:Ignorance of race not equivalent to racism

Flying at Half Mast

– Naledi Kekana My classroom is located on the fifth floor of the main school building. I sit by the window which overlooks the car park. My direct eye view is the glistering red and gold of the Chinese flag, which everyday seems to sway so boldly and proudly. Well perhaps I exaggerate; because any flag, even on a mildly windy day, will proudly wear that bold sway. However, there’s just something about the defiance of that bright red in the wind which somehow arouses in me a pride which is not mine to claim. After just a few months … Continue reading Flying at Half Mast

[Opinion] #RacistChineseAd doesn’t make China racist #SinoAfrica

– Sautman & Yan for SCMP This article was shared from By now, there has been a fairly comprehensive discussion of the racist ad produced by the detergent company Qiaobi that depicts the laundering of a “dirty” black man into a “clean” Chinese. Beyond condemning the ad, those of us in China should also call for its perpetrators to be sanctioned under Article 9 of China’s Advertising Law, which forbids ads containing discrimination based on nationality, race, religion or gender. One key aspect of the discourse has yet to be treated, however – its political uses. One of us … Continue reading [Opinion] #RacistChineseAd doesn’t make China racist #SinoAfrica

[Opinion] Why the racist Chinese ad MAY be just as racist as you think

–Nicole Bonnah  This article was shared from An advert for Chinese detergent brand, Qiaboi, has garnered widespread attention recently on social media platforms and outlets across China and overseas, after The Shanghaiist published what they deemed to be an “incredibly racist advertisement”. The commercial has reportedly appeared on Chinese television and during the advertisement slots before screenings in Wanda Cinemas this month but was first uploaded and criticised by American Expat and musician, Christopher Powell. There is definitely more than enough social engagement going on right now concerning whether or not this advert is truly representative of a deep-rooted … Continue reading [Opinion] Why the racist Chinese ad MAY be just as racist as you think

[Opinion] On why the racist Chinese ad MAY NOT be as racist as you think

-Roberto Castillo  Original article first appeared on On May 26th, The Shanghaiist broke the (SinoAfrican) internet by bringing a Chinese ad to the attention of its mainly American audience. The ad – which you can watch below (Youku see here) – is a commercial for a Chinese detergent called Qiaobi and has been deemed as ‘highly racist’ or the ‘most racist advert ever’ by a whole host of American media outlets like this, this and this. In the video, a paint-splattered black man catcalls a Chinese woman and approaches her confidently as she lures him with her finger. As he attempt to … Continue reading [Opinion] On why the racist Chinese ad MAY NOT be as racist as you think

China-Africa Journalism Forum

-Sihle Isipho Nontshokweni 中国和非洲眼中的彼此—-燕京学堂举办“中非记者交流论坛” 2016年5月14日,由燕京学堂陈振兴及四位非洲同学发起的中非记者交流论坛在北京大学举行。 “It is an exciting time to discuss China-Africa relations” Bruce Chen a Yenching Scholar said as he began his opening speech at the China-Africa Journalism Forum held on the 14th of May. The forum brought together journalists from Africa and China, Chinese professors, the former Chinese ambassador to Eritrea and Rwanda, as well as representatives from Chinese enterprises in Africa to share their experiences and opinions about “How China and Africa See Each Other.” This thought-provoking event was organized by the Yenching Academy of Peking University and International Sino-Africa Watch (ISAW), co-organized by the Center … Continue reading China-Africa Journalism Forum