Xi’an Visit Pt. 2: The Great Mosque of Xi’an

– Nothando Khumalo

The Great Mosque of Xi’an (source: Blazej Mrozinski)

The Great Xi’an Mosque is a 1300 years old ancient tourist attraction set up in 742 AD during the Tang Dynasty. Located near the Drum Tower of Xi’an, the mosque was restored and widened in the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. “Especially after the founding of New China, and owing to the correct religious policies for the minority nationalities by the Communist Party and the People’s Government, the authorities concerned allocate special funds for the renovations of this majestic mosque every year”.

Xi’an Mosque Phoenix Pavilion (source: Isaac Torrontera)

The mosque has gradually become a large and beautiful complex part of the Xi’an historical architecture, and very much deserving of the time spent touring it. It oozes a solemn and respectful aura with its numerous well-laid out beautiful storied buildings, platforms, pavilions and halls. The mosque covers a total area of more than 13 000 square meters and was built in the shape of a rectangle, from the east to the west, and is divided into four courtyards. In its beautiful splendour, “The Introspection Tower”, which serves as the minaret, is one of the most captivating buildings in this setting. This tower is strategically located in the middle of the courtyard and is the tallest building in the whole mosque. Not only is this building aesthetically marvellous, but with two storeys, three layers of eaves, and an octagonal roof, it stands high and solid as an impressive ancient Chinese architecture wonder. The Great Xi’an Mosque is a tourist feature well worth the trip.

  • This post is a series from a Xian Visit. Please find the first post here.

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