Views from the ‘rooftop of the world’

-Wadeisor Rukato “If anyone asks you where you are going, tell them Xining. If you mention Tibet, it might cause unnecessary questioning and we don’t want that”. As we prepared to board our 6am flight from Beijing Capital International Airport at the start of our trip to Tibet, we all heeded this advice carefully. While making our way through security, I suppressed my anxiety about potentially being too excited, mentioning Tibet,  and being the person who would be kept behind while everyone dashed to the boarding gate to catch our flight. It was difficult to not be completely thrilled by … Continue reading Views from the ‘rooftop of the world’

SA through the Lense of an Open-Minded Asian Visitor

– Thuthukile Mbanjwa While Africa, including South Africa, has certainly had an increasing number of Chinese visitors, the vast majority has never traveled to South Africa nor have they ever thought of planning a trip to the greater parts of Africa. In this post we spoke to Dawei Huang a Chinese national currently a student at the Yenching Academy of Peking University who visited South Africa for 6 days in 2014. He is also one of the most down to earth, easy-going, musically talented friends I have 🙂 The main objectives of this piece was simply continuing on the quest to … Continue reading SA through the Lense of an Open-Minded Asian Visitor

Xi’an Visit Pt. 3: Terracotta Army and City Wall

– Nothando Khumalo TERRACOTTA ARMY By Dawei Huang The historical site of the Terracotta Army is one of the greatest cultural treasures of Xi’an, and more importantly, of Chinese history. The Terracotta Warriors’ army was unearthed in 1974, Xi’an, when a farmer named Yang Zhifa dug into his farmland to create wells. These pieces of clay statues, buried deep in the ground, revealed one of the greatest archeological discoveries ever to be found. Terracotta Army (source: Naoya Matsumoto) This astounding archeological discovery included “clay statues reaching up to 2.0 meters tall, weighing in at roughly 270kg each, and in the form … Continue reading Xi’an Visit Pt. 3: Terracotta Army and City Wall

What S.A’s youth wants from S.A-China relations

-Sihle Isipho Nontshokweni  Inaugural China Young Leaders Program  From the 11th-18th of October 2015, 52 South African youth via the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO)  visited China to participate in the inaugural China Young Leaders Program. The Program’s mission is … Continue reading What S.A’s youth wants from S.A-China relations

African Excellence Series: YGS

– Sihle Isipho Nontshokweni A Conversation with Curwyn Mapaling. Videography by Sharon Tshipa This is a 2.55 minute video, where Sihle asks Curwyn the following questions: 1. Can you tell us more about yourself? 2. How does the work that you do link with your application to the Yenching Global Symposium and China in general? 3. What are your thoughts on the Africa-China relationship? 4. What can China learn from the continent of Africa and vice versa?     Continue reading African Excellence Series: YGS